Why Vagabond?

feeling free
in Riccione

Holiday mood

I can picture you waking up early in the morning and going out for a jog by the beach listening to your favourite music on headphones.

I can see you, having breakfast, slowly , sipping on your American coffee. No rush at all.

There you are on the beach. The sun is low. You are enjoying a nice and cool beer, your feet in the sand, weightless thoughts, time to keep calm and chill out.
You’re now on a sailboat. You’re swimming in sea waves.

And when the evening comes? What about a romantic dinner on the port canal, a pic-nic in the hills , a midnight piadina at a stand in the center…

If you’re in the heart of Riccione, staying at a hotel that is different from all others, it’s because you love being at the right place. There you are, enjoying your vacation: stylish but casual, flamboyant,curious, free… 

Rooms & Suites

The Vagabond Hotel has 42 rooms. Our rooms will make you feel at ease and relaxed, nice and comfy, with their refined design, pastel colours, shades of grey, pink and blue.

Check out which room type suits you best! Ready to be a Vagabond in Riccione?!

Chic Vagabond

Each special place has its most precious corner and so does the Vagabond Hotel.

The Vagabond Chic is just one room, very far from usual, it combines the style details of the Trendy rooms with a sophisticated round bed.

It has a fabulous bathroom (bigger than the rom itself) with a tone on tone decorated ceiling and a Jacuzzi…the perfect atmosphere to celebrate with strawberries and champagne.

Junior Suite Rooms

Our Junior suites are as modern as our superior rooms, totally brand new, and industrial chic styled.

These are the widest rooms (about 26 sqm), all situated on the second floor, and most with separate living space.

Superior Rooms

Our Superior rooms are the most popular and booked rooms.

They have brand new bathrooms, all restructured in June 2018 and May 2020. Shades of grey, pink, green and blue with care of details make them the ideal room for Vagabond Style experience!

Standard Rooms

Our Standard rooms are our mascots. Smaller than the superior rooms, usually recommended for those who are looking for cozy and chic rooms.
They have modern furniture, open wardrobes and a smart contemporary feel.
The bathroom is not recently renovated and quite small, it has a shower stall and complimentary toiletries.


Our everyday busy lives usually leave us no time for breakfast.

The Vagabond is a magical place for those who want to relax and enjoy their breakfast. It’s like being in a sophisticated Parisian Bistrot. The atmosphere, the soft pastel colours, the music, all will help you find peace of mind and inner calm.

The sweet smell of the coffee will wake you up and Maria will surprise you with a wide selection of spoon desserts, muffins, pancakes, jams, bread, cookies and cakes, all entirely homemade! Fresh fruit, juices and extracts are always available.

In case you’re a savoury breakfast type, we offer zero kilometre products, cold cuts, cheese, vegetables, and eggs of course!

Do you like sleeping till late morning??
No problem, our timeline is flexible and breakfast is served until noon!
Would you rather stay in bed? We provide room service.

The story of us

Here we go...

It all begins in the fabulous 50s. Riccione is back then one of the most desired destinations for travellers all over Europe. That’s when the villa owned by the Franchini family is converted into an inn. Thanks to its appeal, it suddenly starts welcoming its first guests, above all German and French tourists.

After 30 succesful years, around the 80s, the new proprietors turn the villa into a 4 star hotel,the Waldorf Hotel, an authentic reference point for the whole riviera.

And what happens in March 2016? That’s when Mirca and Denis make their appearance in the story. They are a beautiful young couple who live together and work together. Mirca is an incurable romantic lady and Denis an inveterate dreamer . They have always been vey passionate about hospitality and their biggest dream in life was to own their own hotel.

After a 2 year refurbishment process focused on trying to meet the needs and expectations of modern travellers, the Vagabond hotel has finally opened in May 2018.

With its uniqueness and stylish design, this hotel is what was really missing in the centre of Riccione.

Every year we love to get off to a good start. Which means, we want to take care of your personal safety and security first of all.
Most of the positive reviews we received last Summer honor our commitment. Thank you!!! Thanks for noticing how much attention we pay to cleaning and disinfection procedures. Your appreciation really means a lot to us.
We are carefully working to ensure safety and well-being for all our guests in anticipation of Summer 2021.
[*Some details on our Vagabond Hotel.]

Our breakfast room is quite wide and breakfast is served from 7.30 a.m. till noon. That helps avoiding large gatherings. Tables are round and distant 2 metres one from another, neither tablecloths nor cloth napkins are used, only single- use items.
Hand sanitizer dispensers are at the entrance.
Our breakfast cook takes control of the breakfast service in total security and ensures guests are served at the table.

We are lucky to have very wide common areas in our hotel where you can spend some spare time, reading a book or having a drink. Since the former building was a 50s villa, it kept very high and windowed ceilings and large hallways (about 2 metres wide). The hotel consists of only two floors, we encourage guests who can to use the stairs. You can always take the elevator if you choose so, of course. In compliance with anti-Covid-19 provisions , the elevator and all common areas are completely sanitized.

The hotel doesn’t have on site laundry and thus employs the services of an industrial off-site laundry. Our provider is a specialist in healthcare laundry solutions. Guest rooms are cleaned on a daily basis by our qualified housekeeping team.

Our staff is fully aware of the new safety and sanitation protocols. We have a great WIFI service to help you stay connected and check out some helpful tips about restaurants, beach resort facilities and services, places to visit, things to do…

Our major attraction is our sea. Our beach resorts are very wide and fully equipped.

We are located in the city center, therefore there is no need for buses or bicycles. All is close to the hotel: the beach, bars and restaurants, stores… just a few steps away and easily reachable within walking distance!