Lounge Bar

Shall we make a Gin Tonic?” At Vagabond you will hear it repeated, you will even find it written on the walls, because it is not just a mantra: it is a promise for your next vacation.

That’s right, 2022 brings something new. At the Lounge Bar there is someone ready to fulfill your wishes with imagination and passion, a true wandering barman.
Lean on the counter, he tells you about your day and the cocktail of your dreams will appear in front of you in an instant.
And as in the scene of a film, you will realize that in front of you you have the right person to laugh heartily with or to ask for advice on how to experience the city like a true Riccione.

Moscow Mule, Daiquiri, Dry Martini, Mojito, are just some of the cocktails to choose from, but don’t hold back your imagination, challenge us on new proposals. And then enjoy them outdoors on the colorful Acapulco chairs with some delicious appetizers.

Are you ready for the next drink? It will be signed Vagabond.