Holiday mood

I can picture you waking up early in the morning and going out for a jog by the beach listening to your favourite music on headphones.
I can see you, having breakfast, slowly , sipping on your American coffee. No rush at all.

There you are on the beach. The sun is low. You are enjoying a nice and cool beer, your feet in the sand, weightless thoughts, time to keep calm and chill out.
You’re now on a sailboat. You’re swimming in sea waves.

And when the evening comes? What about a romantic dinner on the port canal, a pic-nic in the hills , a midnight piadina at a stand in the center…

If you’re in the heart of Riccione, staying at a hotel that is different from all others, it’s because you love being at the right place.
There you are, enjoying your vacation: stylish but casual, flamboyant,curious, free…