Pet Lovers

Are you lucky enough to have a four-legged friend? Then you know that a vacation is not a vacation if you don’t start all together.
That’s why we always travel with our little dog Viola: it is enough for her to see that we pack her suitcases that she is already beginning to wag her tail and show her wandering soul.
We are a pet friendly hotel and above all we are true pet lovers. Eh, yes we also love cats, but Viola doesn’t have to know that.
And if it is true that the breakfast is amazing at the Vagabond, then your little dog can’t really miss it.
For you and your four-legged friend we have prepared a room where you can have breakfast side by side.

And since true wanderers never part, especially in moments of… gluttony, ask us for everything you need to make your faithful travel companion spend a perfect holiday. Lady and the Tramp docet.