The vagabonds

Do you also always read reviews before booking? How can I blame you. Then you will have found that Vagabond guests are incredible pens when it comes to describing their vacation.

We often re-read the words of Lella, a true clairvoyant of the holiday:
I don’t know why, among the many offers and hotels in Riccione, I chose the Vagabond. An intuition? A sensation? A sixth sense? I don’t know … But then, I get it! As soon as I entered, in a large and bright hall, a well-kept Zen garden with a lot of koi awaited me …
I was speechless! For a moment it seemed to me to be in the East, in the shadow of a Buddhist temple where harmony and serenity reign … A surprise that warmed my soul.

Then there is Anne a tireless traveler who has found her “cozy and stylish room” here and Annette who “if I could give 10 stars, I would give it!“. There is Sara the outlaw who “I wanted to take Mrs. Maria home to savor her other delights!” and Jo who, in order to win the last muffin here in the hotel, improvises a beatification: “Maria, an angel with the passion that she puts into everything she does.

Among the most loyal vagabonds there is Massimo, he says that here we are “Welcome to the best HOTEL in Riccione” and that we have “the best breakfast ever“. Monica B. for her part defines us as “A precious corner” and we like this a lot. We always remember Mari because she describes us as “An example of true hospitality! The hotel is cared for down to the smallest detail with care, professionalism and love“.

They all agree on one thing. Elisa, Luca, Fabio, Guidone, they all repeat “If you have been to the Vagabond, then you can only do one thing: go back“.

Here you are. Friends who have come to find this page is dedicated to you.

Vagabond for a day, Vagabond forever.