With the dream of a walk in the Marais in Paris and the colors of Covent Garden in the eyes, the idea of an exhibition market was born inside the Vagabond.
A true Vagabondarte dedicated to artists, artisans, things done with hands and with the heart.
We love it when you walk through the corridors of the hotel and stop for a moment to admire the works of Laura Bracchi and get lost in her collages. And then read the sentences handwritten by Simone, a lettering artist who fills the hotel with messages designed just for you.

“Like in a museum?” You say. Nooo, much better, because between one painting and another you can have breakfast or sip a cocktail at the bar. Then peek among the curious ceramic pieces by Giada Ricci, where elegant swimmers dive in striped costumes between cutting boards and serving plates.
And you can still relax with the light linen essence by Vagabond while choosing the best bag from Mimetico Market for your Riccione evenings.
Right before you take a Polaroid with your best smile. In addition, for each photo, you can leave a small donation that we donate to the boys and girls of Cuore 21. They are too vagabonds and more than ever deserve a special gesture!

ps: You too express yourself through art, do you love looking at the world in a curious and refined way? This space is dedicated to you: write to us or come to the hotel, we are always happy to host new artists.